St Leo Church - Our pastor abuses us and doesn't do his job

Newark, New Jersey 1 comment
Not resolved

Our pastor doesn't care for us, yells at us and treats us as subordinates; he is never around and we have no need of him.He is very evasive and doesn't care to talk to us and the rectory is closed after 3:pm and on weekdays so that no one can really go in when in need.

We have complained to the bishop however there have been no response.

It appears that the Bishop doesn't even care.

We are in process of writing a petition to someone who can help us.We are determine to rid ourselves of this Pastard!

Review about: St Leo Church Pastor.



This must be a prank complaint. What a waste of time and if it isn't a prank, then you should take a look in the mirror, clean up your language and go pick up some grammar courses. May God bless you and soften your heart.

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